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Welcome to the Web UI Learning Map!
Do you want to improve your skills on User Interface development?
The WebUI Software Engineer Career covers all the necessary resources, tools and knowledge that you will need to build a full-fledged client-side application from scratch, ensuring quality, accessibility, scalability and engagement. You will also acquire technical skills, practices and several SE competencies that will accompany you through the multiple JS-powered frameworks (Angular, React, Vue) and supersets (TS, Flow). Besides, you are going to be able to use them as an outset in the mobile development world with Hybrid and Cross-Compiled apps (Ionic, React Native, Flutter). Powered by UI Engineering Studio



Build & Deploy

This capability refers to the skills and practices related to code management, building and distribution.

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Programming Language

Programming language: Refers to the set of standards, languages and supporting tools that a software engineer relies on to deliver software.

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Software Architecture

Software Architecture: Refers to the fundamental concepts for designing and implementing a software system and the discipline of creating such structures and designs.

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Learn to boost your knowledge and experience in different methodologies such as agile-lean practices, risk management, secure coding, devops, etc. in order to increase delivery time and quality.

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Talent Manifesto

At Globant, we believe that talent is not a special gift; it is something that can be developed! With that in mind, You can take these opportunities to develop the nine soft skills that describe abilities to act in alignment with Globant’s values. This manifesto will nurture your career!

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