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Test Automation Engineer

Welcome to the Test Automation Engineer working ecosystem.The TAE Career covers extensive experience in offering test automation services for designing and developing solutions and frameworks.Test automation is a key testing practice aimed to increase efficiency, reduce time to market, and be less prone to human error, favoring a successful Continuous Delivery process.Here you will find the technical skills, talent manifesto skills, and delivery competencies for preparing you to efficiently manage Test scripting, Smoke testing, Regression testing, Integration testing, Web Services Testing, and other testing processes, in an automated fashion. Powered by Quality Engineer Studio.



Software Engineer Practices

In the lifecycle of software development, defines the guidelines and best practices methodologies to deliver software products, such as scrum or extreme programming.

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Test Automation Development

Defines the guidelines, best practices, tools, and frameworks to perform test automation as part of the software delivery process.

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Build & Deploy

This capability refers to the skills and practices related to code management, building and distribution.

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Learn to boost your knowledge and experience in different methodologies such as agile-lean practices, risk management, secure coding, devops, etc. in order to increase delivery time and quality.

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Learn about the use of Generative AI to simplify test automation code creation and generate manual test cases.

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