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Salesforce | Functional

Welcome to Salesforce Functional Career! The Salesforce Career is composed of different fields to introduce you to specific topics in bite-sized units regarding the #1 intelligent CRM platform for businesses of all sizes. Level up your administrator skills in Salesforce, reinforcing the best practices in configuration and several aspects to improve the experience of our customers and take the following skills to the next level: limits, visibility, interface, steps between environments and general contents about the administrator role in Sales and Service Cloud



Software Architecture

Object modeling, database management, data extraction, and import, and strong knowledge of Salesforce security model.

Specific Contents (6)

Product Definition

Visualize as much as possible the product by defining the Vision, Strategy, Goals, Roadmap, Journeys, Prototypes and Backlog. Work in collaboration with other studios is key to define a successful product.

Specific Contents (5)

Product Delivery

Collaborate with stakeholders, customers, and development team to set vision, experience, and outcome objectives. Through iterative wins, we develop continuously focused product solutions that are driven by priority value.

Specific Contents (3)

Consultant Practices

Understand how Salesforce impacts different processes in your organization using best practices as a Salesforce expert. Develop analytical and communication skills.

Specific Contents (11)

Build & Deploy

This capability refers to the skills and practices related to code management, building and distribution.

Specific Contents (1)