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Process Optimization

Process Analyst

Business Process Analyst as a specialist BA role and describes the job role as one that involves: Identifying the current state of processes; eliciting their useful and harmful attributes; documenting models of the processes; and facilitating stakeholder groups to consensus regarding new business process designs. Process changes are essential to solving problems or exploiting opportunities, and the analyst may specialize in the use of business process modelling tools and automation technologies.




Learn about The Signavio Business Transformation Suite delivers actionable Live Insights into the way your business works. Operational acceleration reduces the time taken to deliver value from your intelligent process mining initiatives, RPA at scale imperatives, end-to-end process orientation, and customer excellence strategies. Unleash the power of process... faster than ever!

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Learn about The Celonis Execution Management Platform powers all facets of business execution including real-time data ingestion, process and task mining, planning and simulation, visual and daily management, and action flows.

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Process Mining

Process mining is a family of techniques relating the fields of data science and process management to support the analysis of operational processes based on event logs. The goal of process mining is to turn event data into insights and actions. Process mining is an integral part of data science, fueled by the availability of event data and the desire to improve processes.

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We start by getting familiar with the role of an analyst during the stages of a Process Mining project, as well as the other roles involved. We are then introduced to a business scenario of a company that is analyzing its invoicing process to discover, improve and monitor it. As we dive into the use case, we learn the fundamentals of using UiPath Process Mining to dig into data and use it to create a Process Overview.

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Streamline a digital map of your organization, analyze your processes and understand what is happening in real time. Take advantage of the power of AI and predict the impact of process optimization in your organization.

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After completing this module you will be able to use Automation Lifecycle Management to define a Business Process, including the applications used, a Process Definition, the exceptions and a Wireframe for Blue Prism Objects.

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Automation Anywhere

This learning trail teaches business analysts how to analyze business processes and introduce RPA into your organization. This trail provides an understanding of dependencies and considerations to build out a valid case for automation.

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A business process analysis (BPA) and management platform is the foundation to keep strategy and operations aligned, and to orient all employees around a "single way of working" through process excellence.

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