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Performance Test Engineer

Welcome to the Performance Test Engineer working ecosystem. Performance testing is a quality practice that aims to applications and web sites non functionals aspects. Its objective is to evaluate such aspects like: response speed, stability, scalability, resources consumption and user experience. To achieve this performance testing takes advantage of a tool's pool to design, execute and analyze results for different business scenarios. Here you will find conceptual and technical contents in order to enable you to be capable of providing application performance metrics, diagnosis, troubleshoots to technical and non technical clients. Powered by Quality Engineer Studio.



Test Planning and Strategy

Learn the basics that involves testing included concepts such as Linux or Databases.

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DevOps Approach

This article explains 10 tips to improve automated performance testing within CI pipelines.

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Metrics and Reporting

APM stands for Application Performance Management. This tutorial introduces to these kind of tools and its crucial importance in performance testing process.

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Programming & Scripting

Locust is an easy to use, scriptable and scalable performance testing tool that allows you to define the behaviour of your users in regular Python code, instead of using a clunky UI or domain specific language. This is an introduction to Performance Testing with Locust

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Learn about the use of Generative AI to simplify test automation code creation and generate manual test cases.

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