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Oracle JD Edwards Technical

Oracle JD Edwards Technical, encompasses the Oracle Cloud Work Ecosystems, JD Edwards CNC, JD Edwards Security, and the JD Edwards Tool Kit. Here's everything you need to become a JD Edwards Technical consultant! From the most basic knowledge to more advanced concepts that includes some improvements such as release 22 in its digital ERP version




CNC capabilities must include knowledge of multiple components, Operating Systems, Web Server technologies, Balancers, as well as deep knowledge to support Tool Kit, Security, Functional and End User teams.

Skills (5)


Security capabilities must include knowledge of how the security hierarchy works in JDE, user, role and menu management, UDOs, security types, SQL and some basic Excel skills in order to provide support and work side by side with functional, Toolkit and CNC teams.

Skills (6)

ORACLE Dev Toolkit

JDE Toolkit developer capabilities includes object management and object creation with FDA and RDA. Basic SQL knowledge to query information. Also, skills to analyze, debug and design to support projects or AMS services. Understand standard process on high level to support functional role. Help CNC with build and deployments errors. Integrations design and implementation with BSSV. Layout change using BIP. As last tools, automatize process with Orchestrator.

Skills (6)