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Oracle Cloud Technical

Oracle Cloud Technical, encompasses the Oracle Cloud Work Ecosystems, OCI, OIC, and Visual Builder. Here's everything you need to become a Oracle Cloud Technical consultant! From the most basic knowledge to more advanced concepts.



General Concepts

You will study and overview of the technologies of oracle cloud, IaaS, PaaS, Saas. Understand standard funcionality of Oracle Cloud ERP, and how intereact with others Oracle Technologies Oracle technologies.

Specific Contents (4)

Tech (Developer)

The capabilities contains the courses that will help you to have the knowledge on the diferents oracle develompment tools, for mobile apps, extension in visual builder for oracle erp cloud, APEX, autonomus Datatabes, Reports, Analisys, and the oracle cloud infrastructure.

Specific Contents (6)

Admin SaaS

The capabilities include knowledge to administer oracle ERP cloud, users, roles, flexfields, important point for a implementation and support of the Oracle ERP cloud.

Specific Contents (1)

Admin (OCI)

The OCI Ecosystem is the complete IaaS from Oracle, you could learn how to manage and administer the complete OCI Network, Compute, Storage, VMWARE, IAM.

Specific Contents (3)