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Software Engineer


Welcome to the .net working ecosystem. Net technologies are so popular due to the great integration capabilities with different systems, multi platform support and options to develop such as Net Framework, Net Core, Asp.Net Core, Api, MVC, Azure, Xamarin among others Here you will find everything you need to become a .Net Ninja Master! From the very basics programming skills in C# to more advanced concepts such as Api development, Architecture patterns and practices, Azure Development, Azure devops, among other cool technical stuff. Also you will find talent manifesto skills, some delivery competences and other topics that will guide through your Career Powered by Scalable Platforms Studio



Programming Language

Refers to the set of standards, languages and supporting tools that a software engineer relies on to deliver software.

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Software Architecture

Refers to the fundamental concepts for designing and implementing a software system and the discipline of creating such structures and designs.

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Software Engineer Practices

In the lifecycle of software development, defines the guidelines and best practices methodologies to deliver software products, such as scrum or extreme programming.

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Build & Deploy

This capability refers to the skills and practices related to code management, building and distribution.

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Learn to boost your knowledge and experience in different methodologies such as agile-lean practices, risk management, secure coding, devops, etc. in order to increase delivery time and quality

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Agile Mindset



Design thinking


POD Methodology


Risk Management

Technical Mastery XP


Secure Development

Talent Manifesto

At Globant, we believe that talent is not a special gift; it is something that can be developed! With that in mind, You can take these opportunities to develop the nine soft skills that describe abilities to act in alignment with Globant’s values. This manifesto will nurture your career!

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Clear Thinker





Fast Learner




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