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Welcome to the Leadership Learning Map! Explore different learning resources aligned with our Leadership Talent Model and its key dimensions: Leading Myself, Leading People and Teams, and Leading the Business. This is your opportunity to begin developing your leadership skills or keep boosting them. You can freely navigate through the capabilities and skills, and choose the resources according to your objectives and learning preferences. We invite you to connect with other leaders on Learning Match, so you can share experiences and learn from each other. Let’s reinvent leadership to reinvent the industry!



Leadership at Globant

Discover how to get the most out of this Leadership Learning Map and complete the LeAP Certification to understand what it means to be a leader at Globant.

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Leading Myself

Before we can lead teams, people, the business, and the reinvention of the industry itself, we need to prioritize the significance of self-leadership as it empowers us to proactively manage our personal growth.

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Leading People and Teams

Leaders only become great when they can develop and tap into the potential of their teams. Being a great leader is about creating the conditions for your team to thrive.

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Leading the Business

We believe that the success of any company is rooted in its ability to reinvent itself. We are constantly thinking about how to reinvent ourselves and our clients.

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Leaders' Toolkit

Find useful guidelines, resources, and tools for your daily activities as a leader in Globant.

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