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IoT Platform Engineer

Welcome to the IoT Platform Engineer Path! This path focuses on the main capabilities of the IoT Platform Engineer role covering all the necessary tools and knowledge to develop an IoT-based application within IoT Platforms. The goal is to work on key elements such as device connectivity with the cloud, device management strategies, IoT data integration, and secure data exchange, which are components of a project involving an IoT platform. Here you will learn the core elements of the offering of public cloud providers for IoT and the essential components of other IoT platforms to understand how these platforms are becoming the bridge between devices ecosystems and the digital world.



Software Engineer Practices

Defines the guidelines and best practices methodologies to deliver IoT-based solutions.

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Build & Deploy

This capability refers to the skills and practices related to code management, building and distribution of IoT-based solutions.

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Refers to methodologies and skills involved in the delivery of projects related to IoT-based solutions.

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