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Inclusive Hiring

As humans, we constantly need to transform ourselves and reinvent the way we do things. In that journey, inclusion becomes a fundamental pillar to continue promoting cultural diversity looking to transform our reality and make the world a better place. Find here valuable content that will contribute to your commitment to guarantee always an inclusive and diverse selection process, while focusing on talent. We invite you to rethink your professional role with a perspective of diversity and inclusion and learn to manage your unconscious biases and understand more about accessibility, culture and ethnicity, gender, sexuality, race, and neurodiversity.



Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity is at Globant’s core. Building an inclusive and diverse culture is not something we just talk about, is something we do every day, with every step we take.

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Accessibility and Neurodiversity

We believe that all people are capable of reaching their full potential. By identifying and combating prejudices and labels, we can focus on what is truly important about a person: their competencies, skills, experiences, knowledge, values, and attitudes. We aim to include a wide range of abilities and neurodiversity into Globant’s team and processes. Our mission is to grow as an inclusive company for everyone to develop and unleash their full potential inside the organization.

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Gender & Sexuality

At Globant, we are convinced about the importance of hacking barriers and expanding opportunities so that all people can thrive regardless of their gender, gender expression, and sexual orientation. We are here to change the status quo and to turn a "no" into a "what if?"

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Generational Diversity

People of different ages can bring very different viewpoints and backgrounds particularly in this era of rapid and constant technological transformations. At Globant, we believe that when two people come together to solve a problem, they can pool their experiences and ideas to devise a better and more innovative solution. We know it: diverse teams tend to be better at problem-solving. Not only are there two or more heads, but those heads are also different. They've got different ideas, different perspectives, different life experiences.

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Race, Culture & Ethnicity

Multiculturalism is one of the most powerful components of Globant's identity. Where different cultures converge, there will be a variety of ways to tackle problems and find creative solutions to disrupt business and hack into the status quo.

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