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Software Engineer


In the first sections the glober will learn the basics of Flutter. Also, can understands Dart and participate in a Flutter project. The glober is able to review code in Dart language and detect possible bugs. In the Intermediate level, can undertands and implements BLOC Architectural pattern, knows advantages and disadvantages of different implementations. Can design small applications from scratch. Also, will learn how to make asynchronous network requests and handle the responses in a Flutter app connected to a REST API. In the advanced level, will manage states using complex solutions. Will learn about App States and how these work under the hood in some standars packages. Will finish with practice in packages & plugins development and how to write custom platform-specific code.



Programming Language

Understands Dart. Is able to review code and detect possible bugs. Understands about extensions and mixins. Understands concept of property modifiers. Can correctly use blocks and memory managment in it. Understands how to apply OOP in Dart. Understands about benefits of using functional programing. Contains general topics from the mobile ecosystem.

Skills (3)

Software Architecture

Application States: Understands app states. Can implements Bloc, manage it lifecycle and test it. Can use Provider. Does not know how to use migrate from solution with GetX or MobX to another solution, but is able to correctly implement a solution of State Management in a complete App.

Skills (4)

Software Engineering Practices

You will learn about null safety, data type support, and the safe way Dart handles the nulls. Understant Concurrence basic like await-async, Futures and Duration. Can implemenent network connections with different libraries, handle responses on JSON. Understands how HTTP works. You will learn about null safety, data type support, and the safe way Dart handles the nulls.

Skills (3)

Software Development Lifecycle

Knows about UI Widgets, can extends them and controll the data in Widgets. Can implements complex views. Knows and can implement a Pluggin. Know native code in Android/iOS. Can implements the basics transitions and animations. Can integrate an external package. Build Unit Test.

Skills (3)

Build and Deploy

Understand about Platform Channels, calling platform-specific iOS and Android code using platform channels. Knows about Kotlin and Swift.

Skills (2)