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Diversity & Inclusion Learning Map

Welcome to the Diversity & Inclusion Learning Map.

A Learning Map is a repository of diverse educational content specially chosen by Globant experts from each area of ​​knowledge. You will find multiple learning options to learn and apply, organized by capability and skills!

In this Learning Map you will find different learning opportunities covering the key dimensions of our Diversity & Inclusion culture; one where gender equality, cultural diversity, and inclusion are core to our DNA and are aligned with our commitment to honor human rights. Let's explore the resources and keep boosting your learning experience!

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Diversity and Inclusion DNA

Our long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion is to understand and be aware of key concepts in order to develop knowledge and understanding relevant information to build an incluisve perspective.

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All people are capable of reaching their full potential. By identifying and combating prejudices and labels, we can focus on what is truly important about a person: their competencies, skills, experiences, knowledge, values, and attitudes.

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Race, Culture & Ethnicity

Multiculturalism is one of the most powerful components of humanity. Where different cultures converge, there will be a variety of ways to tackle problems and find creative solutions to disrupt business and hack into the status quo. Is important to recognize the added value promote by cultural diversity based on ethnicity and race equality.

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Gender and Sexuality

The gender gap is real, that's why we are taking steps towards becoming a permanent part of the solution. We are here to change the status quo and to turn a "no" into a "what if?. Therefore, knowing and being aware about sexual diversities and gender identities is important in order to create a safety environment for a career development.

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