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Cybersecurity Operations

Welcome to the Security Operations ecosystem. In the era of digitalization, not only is it important to count on applications that have been developed in the most secure fashion but also to keep systems running safe. As technology keeps evolving, applications need to be kept up to date and there are a number of practices and tools towards security operations. In this Career, powered by the CyberSecurity Studio, you will learn about Security Architecture, Infrastructure, ethical hacking, code reviews, defensive and offensive techniques and tools, ethical hacking, incident detection and response and many other topics.




"Plan" combines a set of skills to develop an understanding to managing cybersecurity risk to applications, people, assets, data, and capabilities. Such understanding needs to be put forward into a roadmap (actions to reach a goals) or into ground rules (governance) that help provide direction for next steps.

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"Protect" refers to a set of skills to prevent risks, put safeguards in place and preserve services and products to guarantee its security. This capability follows the "security by design" principle to tackle issues before they become threats, risks or breaches.

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"Detect" combines skills required to identify the occurrence of a cybersecurity alerts, patterns and events and to make a correlation of such data. A detailed analysis is needed to create actionable information out of it in order to mitigate risks before they materialize.

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Respond & Recover

"Respond & Recover" combines skills to contain the impact of a cybersecurity incident and to remmediate the root-cause or minimize the damage in a timely manner.

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