Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence path! Data Scientists are specialized profiles that deal with how to make the most optimal decisions leveraging data and learning from it, using knowledge from statistics, math, artifical intelligence, machine learning and so forth. They help realize AI in the enterprise by connecting the state of the art approaches in academia and research with the practical applications of engineering and business needs. This journey will cover the main tracks required to be effective at this job, know the fundamentals to foster self and continuous learning, and connect with a practical perspective on how to use these methods in productive settings. These aspects include: Core Fundamentals, Data Science and Analytics foundations, Machine Learning, AI Domains, ML Engineering, and Projects and Business Sense. By the very nature and fast-paced development of the field, there is bound to be an abundance of resources, some overlappings, and a lot of opinions. Like any curated resource, expect an opinionated selection, but informed by our experience and our strategy. Be prepared to read academic papers once you go beyond the basics! Powered by the AI Studio. Ping as current curator for feedback!