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AI Assisted Development Tools

Over the last months, several AI-assisted tools and platforms have been launched to facilitate coding. As a company that constantly seeks reinvention we have a huge opportunity to further combine the incredible benefits of artificial intelligence with our great internal talent to generate more value in our delivery and always stay one step ahead. The AI Assisted Development training program is an invitation to evolve our mindset and push ourselves more and more toward artificial intelligence, knowing the positive impact it represents for our teams, projects, and clients. Through a series of courses, we want to give you the necessary support so that you can apply AI-assisted tools as a solution in your daily work to accelerate the transformation of our clients while improving the efficiency, time, and scope of our deliveries.



AI Assisted Development Tools

Learn tips and tricks on the functioning of a set of platforms from Globant X, such as GeneXus, Augoor, and MagnifAI, as well as how to take advantage of external tools, such as ChatGPT, CoPilot, Code Whisper, among others that are becoming relevant. Be part of the AI revolution!

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