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Agile Delivery | Agilist

Welcome to the Agilist Career! An Agilist educates and enables organizations to capitalize on the principles and competencies found in paradigms such as Agile, Systems Thinking, Lean, and others. Also, they work everywhere there is a problem that requires experimentation, trial and error, continuous improvement and learning to respond to a rapidly changing environment. On this learning journey, you will acquire knowledge about practices and frameworks regarding each role of an Agilist: Mentor, Professional Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Strategist. Powered by Agile Delivery Studio, Cobra Kai and SDF.




Guides the individual’s, team’s, or organization’s process of discovery while staying true to their purpose and definition of success.

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Profesional Coach

Act as a coach, with the client’s interest determining the direction, rather than the coach’s expertise or opinion.

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Offer the right knowledge, at the right time, taught in the right way, so that individuals, teams and organizations metabolize the knowledge for their best benefit.

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Impart one’s experience, knowledge and guidance to help grow another in the same or similar knowledge domains.

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Apply business strategy and management frameworks to employ agile as a competitive business advantage such as Lean Start-Up, product innovation techniques, flow-based business process management approaches, and other techniques that relate to innovating in the business domain.

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